Barwell Global Ltd, worldwide specialist manufacturers of processing machinery for the rubber industry, is pleased to announce changes that will give Barwell users throughout the USA an improved service for spares and service as well as machine sales and technical support.

As part of a long-term plan for sustained growth and continuous development to meet the changing requirements of the rubber processing industry, Barwell has set up a new dedicated spares and service facility. The new division, Barwell Global USA, will operate from the same premises as Barwell Machinery USA, who will now concentrate solely on machine sales and advising on machine specification.

The changes mean that Barwell can now offer dedicated support packages from the purchasing and commissioning of a new machine to improved technical support, spares, training and preventative maintenance.

The new division provides Barwell users access to the only source of genuine Barwell spares in the USA, available to purchase direct from their stores in Brunswick, Ohio. This ensures that processors’ machines are always fully operational and maintained with parts that encourage optimum performance.

Barwell has also developed service care and training packages that prolong machine life and eliminate unnecessary downtime. These packages have been created by the people who built, designed and understand the machines that are still operational in the market. Barwell can give users peace of mind that running costs can be saved and production quality can be improved.

Barwell is the pioneer in the concept of ram extrusion and their machines continue to be at the cutting edge of rubber processing technology. Barwell Machinery USA can give expert advice on the purchase of a new machine or the upgrade of an existing machine with the added benefit of the guarantee of lifetime on-going support, avoiding potential supply and maintenance issues at a later date.

For more information please contact Tammy Kidd at Barwell Global USA at  or by phone on 330-225-9557 or Bob Gomola at  or phone 330-225-9500