Barwell Global, worldwide specialist manufacturer of ram preformers for the rubber industry has launched an approved used machine programme called ‘Barwell twentysix’. This programme has been developed to provide rubber processors with reliable second-hand ram preformers, rebuilt by the original manufacturer with additional safety and operational features added to meet modern manufacturing requirements.

The programme is the most rigorous and thorough ram preformer rebuild in the sector and removes the risk associated with buying a used machine.

Under the programme, each machine undergoes a meticulous twenty-six stage factory rebuild and inspection by Barwell trained engineers and technicians, and is refurbished using genuine Barwell parts and components. Customers get a high quality machine, at a competitive price, re-built from the original engineering designs.

Machines are also upgraded to include the latest cost-saving and quality enhancing technology and safety features to provide hassle-free operation for users. These include the incorporation of the industry-leading Barwell scales loop back system, designed to enable operators to quickly achieve target blank weight through instant and automatic weight adjustment. This saves valuable production time and reduces costly material wastage.

The best place to buy a used Barwell is from Barwell itself, as Stephen Grocott, Managing Director of Barwell Global explains: “When you rebuild any piece of precision engineered machinery, it is vital to fully understand the nuances of their  design and construction, otherwise machines can quickly go wrong and performance is severely affected.  At  Barwell, we know every small detail of every machine we’ve made, and are proud to offer reliable used machines with our approved quality status stamp of  approval.”A Barwell rebuild complies with all the latest safety standards, and is supplied with 12 months’ labour backed warranty. A range of preventative maintenance service packages are available to meet the on-going needs of the customer after this period. Barwell rebuilds are commissioned, on-site, by an experienced Barwell engineer.

As Barwell was originally established in 1926, the Barwell ‘twentysix’ programme is also an acknowledgement of a long history of reliability, attention to detail and dedication to provide tangible solutions to the needs of the worldwide rubber industry.

The company continues to provide differentiated and innovative solutions to allow rubber companies to improve quality, increase production capacity, reduce wastage, enable simpler operation and maintenance, and to provide enhanced safety for operators.

Barwell has effectively served the automotive, footwear, sports and leisure, medical, and technical rubber industries for many years and has thousands of machine owners throughout world. 

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