Barwell Machine Upgrades

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When customers purchase a Barwell they benefit from a lifetime of reliability and support, part of this commitment is to ensure that older machines are continually improved enabling processors to be safe and to produce high quality moulds efficiently by incorporating the latest technology and innovation. As a result, we have developed machine upgrade packages for our HT3500, HT2000, C2, C3. MIDI, MR400 and ECO range of high quality market leading preformers and extruders.

Barwell machines are so reliable and efficient that they eventually outlive most of the technology used in their control system.

Machine upgrades are a simple and cost-effective upgrade that can make existing production machines almost as good as new and complete with up-to-date technology and safety features, negating the need to purchase a new machine.

Benefits of upgrading:

  • Meet the latest international safety standards
  • Improvement in manufactured quality and accuracy
  • Easier operator control and usability
  • Increased production speed
  • Reduction of potential downtime
  • Less wastage
  • All components are fully supported and readily available

What is involved in an upgrade?
Barwell’s highly experienced engineers can advise an appropriate upgrade so that you will experience for a relatively small investment, instant benefits and long-term peace of mind.

Improvements range from enhanced hydraulic and electronic control systems, large displays for simpler operation and control including increased functionality, flash card memory for safe product and cycle storage, integral automatic weighing and adjustment - resulting in reduced human intervention, quicker production, improved accuracy and reduced material wastage. Reduced wastage is particularly important with the continual rising cost of raw material.

Barwell upgrades also ensure that machine maintenance is simpler as out dated electronic components are replaced. This means that all replacement parts are readily available, ensuring downtime is minimal, and that fitting is easier and at a fraction of the cost.

Health and safety in factories has changed during the last twenty years. Most old machines need to be upgraded to ensure that they meet the requirements of today’s stringent regulations and the standards that are expected, or insisted upon, by Health and Safety executives and risk assessors. This is a primary concern for those responsible for machine maintenance and operator safety.

How to upgrade your Barwell?
To find out how Barwell can improve your machine and bring it to almost the standard of a new machine, please phone on +44 (0) 1480 832850 or email us with details of your current machine.

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