Barwell Global, the world leading manufacturer of preformers for the rubber processing industry has provided an internationally renowned manufacturer of golfing equipment with a cost-effective upgrade solution for their 20 year old Barwell preformer ensuring it is fit for another 20 years. 

Barwell machines are so reliable and efficient they eventually outlive most of the technology used in their control system when many lesser quality machines on the market would have long been replaced, but with a Barwell this is not necessary as you can have a simple cost-effective upgrade that makes it almost as good as new - complete with up-to-date technology. This is a particularly beneficial in today’s economic climate as the potential cost of a new machine is negated.

Barwell has a lifetime commitment to their customers to ensure that they always get the best out of their machine through improved accuracy and by reducing cost due to less wastage and maximising production capacity.

The customer, a household name in the production of golf balls, identified that their R&D department needed greater flexibility to help realise their ever improving ball designs. This meant that enhanced control, quality and adaptability were needed to speed up their development process. They were delighted by the results of the upgrade and with the knowledge and assistance of the Barwell engineers on-site.

The simple upgrade of the machine controls not only ensured that their needs were met but also helped to significantly reduce scrap levels. In addition, machine consumables are now of higher specification, cheaper and more readily available than before. These factors combined with more user-friendly operation and the virtual elimination of possible downtime, are why Barwell is strongly recommending upgrade solutions to their extensive worldwide customer base who own older machines.

A Barwell is built to last, but updating them with the latest software and technology is vital to drive your production and business forward and avoiding the risk of getting caught in the bunker!

The Barwell Care team is always available to discuss a machine review and, if appropriate, how an upgrade could benefit you. Contact Barwell on +44 (0) 845 224 3541 or email to find out more.