Barwell Global, along with its distributor for Brasil, Barwell do Brasil, is showcasing its high-quality rubber processing machines and services at this year’s Expobor Rubber Exhibition, being held at the Expo Center Norte, São Paulo from 28-30th June (N-4, stand 23).

At the show, visitors to the stand will be able to see, in operation, the recently launched Barwell Spin Trim Rubber Deflashing Machine and Waste Separator Unit. This machine has been designed specifically for the quick, effective and automated deflashing of small to medium size rubber parts. It is particularly suited to produce a high-quality finish on molds with tear trim.

The Spin Trim, as well as providing exceptionally quick payback and the potential to increase the output of one person by over ten times, eliminates the safety risks associated with a manual trimming process, and provides additional factory or assembly space due to its compact size and output capacity.

The separator unit, developed after listening to customer feedback, is a highly efficient, time and labor saving method of automatically sorting deflashed parts from the waste material in one quick and effective process as the parts exit the Spin Trim.

The Spin Trim can also be used as a cost-reducing first stage process for the deflashing of more complex parts before they are placed in a cryogenic machine, as it can significantly decrease subsequent nitrogen usage and cycle times.

If you would like to find out if the Spin Trim will reduce your operational costs, Barwell is offering free trials on their stand for those who bring product samples with them to the show. It is recommended that you contact Barwell do Brasil at +55 15 3247 5212 in advance to discuss.

These new products highlight Barwell’s commitment to developing machinery to solve real production problems faced in a factory environment.

Visitors to the stand will also be able to view demonstration videos of the full Barwell range of rubber processing machines.

Barwell do Brasil has its own Spares and Service division to serve the Brazilian market. At the show, Barwell owners will be able to discuss how to upgrade older Barwell ram preformer machines still in operation.  Upgrades allow machine owners to enhance operator safety, production accuracy and speed by simply updating machines on-site with new components and up-to-date electrics and technology. Upgrading an older machine also gives peace of mind that the machine can continue to be supported with readily available spare parts for many years to come.

Barwell Global continues to provide differentiated, innovative solutions to allow rubber companies to improve quality, increase production capacity, reduce wastage, enable simpler operation and maintenance, and provide enhanced safety for operators.

Barwell delivers a high level of customer service and lifetime support, which includes machine specification and sales, design, installation and commissioning, technical support, spares, user-training, servicing and emergency call-outs.

Barwell has effectively served the automotive, footwear, sports and leisure, construction, and technical and general rubber industries for many years, and has hundreds of machine owners throughout South America.

For more information, please visit or call +55 15 3247 5212 or email