Barwell USA will be showcasing a number of its high quality rubber processing machines at this year’s International Rubber & Advanced Materials In Healthcare Expo (October 13-15th, 2015, Cleveland Convention Center, Cleveland, Ohio) on stand number 838.

One machine that visitors to the stand will be able to see is the recently launched Barwell Spin Trim Rubber Deflashing Machine, which provides a quick and cost-effective method of deflashing small to medium size rubber parts.  

The Spin Trim, as well as providing exceptionally quick pay back, eliminates the safety risk and labor time experienced with a manual trimming process. It is ideally suited to produce a high quality finish on molds with tear trim. It can also be used as a cost-reducing first stage, before cryogenic deflashing, for items with excessive flash.

Brand new to the industry at the show, and to complement the SpinTrim, is a Take-off Waste Separator, designed to make the Spin Trim even more efficient. This is achieved by saving labor time and cost through the automatic sorting of the deflashed parts from the waste material in a quick and effective process. To save even more time, an automatic feeder is also available for the Spin Trim.

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If you want to find out if the Spin Trim will reduce your costs, and provide improved product finish quality, Barwell is offering free trials on their stand for those who bring product samples with them to the show. It is recommended that you contact Barwell at 330-225-9500 in advance to discuss, or email Bob Gomola at


Also on display and being demonstrated on the stand is a Barwell Gear Pump Preformer, allowing visitors to experience its benefits first hand. A gear pump is a perfect cost-cutting continuous running solution for processors who have long production runs, even those needed to run 24 hours per day. It has the added cost and time advantage of eliminating the need to pre-heat rubber on a two-roll mill before preforming.

Barwell has its own Spares and Service division, based in Brunswick, Ohio, to serve the US market. At the show, you will be able to discuss how to upgrade older Barwell machines still in operation to enhance operator safety, production accuracy, and speed, by simply updating it on-site with new components and up-to-date electrics and technology. This also gives peace of mind that the machine can continue to be supported with stocked spare parts for many years to come.

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Barwell owners will also have the opportunity to enjoy a specially discounted promotional rate on spares and consumables packs for their machines, if parts are pre-ordered and collected from the stand during the show. To find out how you can benefit and to get a list of recommended parts, please contact the Barwell USA Spares and Service department at 330-225-9557 or email Tammy Kidd at

Barwell has effectively served the automotive, footwear, sports and leisure, medical, and technical and general rubber industries for many years and has hundreds of machine owners throughout the USA.

Barwell delivers a high level of customer service and lifetime support which includes machine specification and sales, design, installation and commissioning, technical support, spares, user-training, worldwide servicing and emergency call-outs.

For more information on how Barwell can help rubber processors, please visit their website