Modernize your Barwell and improve production efficiency - If you are owner of a Barwell C3, MR400 or MIDI Preformer, you will know your machine was built to last. However, technology is changing and producers are telling us they want to get more from their existing machines.

In order to improve your production process, we have developed a machine upgrade package to incorporate the latest technology in your machine. This will enable your machine to run faster, safer and with greater accuracy. It will also benefit from an extended life and allow you to meet today’s more demanding production and health and safety requirements.

For a fraction of the investment of a new machine, we can transform your machine to...

  • Allow you to be less reliant on operator skill and experience to achieve target blank weight due to instant automatic weight adjustment
  • Ensure that consistent blank weight is maintained
  • Enhance operator safety
  • Provide faster cut rates
  • Improve rubber blank quality and accuracy
  • Reduce unnecessary costs due to less rejects
  • Prolong the life of your machine
  • Make your machine easier to maintain and operate
  • Benefit from updated user-training and get more from your machine
  • Recoup your expenditure in a matter of months

Until the end of June 2013 we are offering special discounts on these upgrade packages.


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