Barwell USA successfully exhibited its largest ever range of cost-cutting and quality enhancing rubber processing machinery at the recent ACS International Elastomer Rubber Expo in Cleveland, Ohio. 

The featured machines effectively demonstrated to visitors from all over the USA, how the enhanced processing capabilities and technical expertise of Barwell provides tangible benefits to those looking at production improvements, and reductions in operational costs.

Reliable, inexpensive and effective rubber deflashing

In particular, one machine making its mark was the Barwell Spin Trim Rubber Deflashing machine, along with its brand new waste separator unit. 

The Spin Trim provides a safe, automated and cost-effective method of deflashing small to medium size rubber parts, and it instantly hit a high note with visitors wanting to improve their current deflashing process; especially when used for molds with tear trim. 

The new separator unit, developed after listening to customer feedback, was identified as a highly efficient, time and labor saving method of automatically sorting deflashed parts from the waste material, in one quick and effective process, as the parts exit the Spin Trim.

All these factors highlight Barwell’s commitment in developing machinery to solve real production problems faced in the factory environment.

Other machines singled out as especially useful and relevant, included the first working demonstration at a trade exhibition of the Barwell Gear Pump Preformer, along with the new Barwell Strip Cutter. 

Continuous rubber preforming

The Gear Pump Preformer is a cost-cutting continuous running machine for processors who have long production runs, even those requiring 24 hours per day operation.

As well as the obvious advantage over batch-fed machines of reduced operator reliance, the machine brings added cost and time saving benefits, as it eliminates the need to pre-heat rubber on a two-roll mill before preforming.

Solution for cutting small batches of rubber into strips

The new Barwell Strip Cutter proved to be of particular interest to those requiring a low investment but automated method of cutting small batches of rubber strips. The significant cost, time, safety and accuracy advantages it brings over manual methods of cutting appealed to companies of all sizes, providing them with a viable solution for small production runs, usually for either low quantity orders or specialized products.

Barwell has established a well-deserved reputation for designing and manufacturing high quality and solution focused rubber processing machinery, backed by excellent lifetime technical and service support. 

The company continues to provide differentiated, innovative solutions to allow rubber companies to improve quality, increase production capacity, reduce wastage, enable simpler operation and maintenance, and provide enhanced safety for operators. Barwell has effectively served the automotive, footwear, sports and leisure, medical, and technical rubber industries for many years and has hundreds of machine owners throughout the USA.

Barwell’s full product range and details of support functions are all detailed in their new Rubber Processing Solutions overview brochure, which was also launched at the exhibition and is available to download here.

Complete lifetime support

Barwell’s support functions have been recently improved with the establishment of a dedicated US Spares and Service division, based in Brunswick, Ohio. At the show, existing machine owners discovered how they could benefit from an on-site upgrade of their existing Barwell machine, by bringing them up to modern standards in both safety and features. An upgrade also ensures that the supply of replacement electric components remain readily available; reducing downtime and maintenance costs, and helping to secure the  long-term operation of the machine.

For more information on how Barwell can help, please call 330-225-9557 or email