Barwell Global Ltd, worldwide specialist manufacturers of processing machinery for the rubber industry has launched an improved and updated brochure for their ECO range of market leading Ram Preformers and Extruders.

The Barwell ECO range of Ram Extruders and Preformers are specifically designed for the accurate and efficient processing of rubber and synthetic polymer compounds across multiple industries. ECO machines are particularly suited for the footwear, automotive, sports, leisure and general rubber industries.

The new brochure aids decision making by detailing how the ECO range can increase production and contribute to improved product quality.  This is shown in a clear and concise format by explaining how the ECO actually functions, the type of compounds that it can process and how an ECO can benefit the industries that they serve.

Barwell machines maximise production in terms of speed, accuracy, quality, cost, reliability and flexibility and, at the same time, provide a more sustainable and energy-saving solution than most other methods.

The new brochure is further supported by photographs and key technical / performance data to help with machine selection.

Barwell has a highly experienced team of experts to progress the exact requirements of the potential purchase so that an appropriate solution is specified. The new brochure helps by providing enhanced understanding prior to a more in-depth analysis of the bespoke needs of the processor ensuring that the best solution is specified.

Also detailed in the brochure is an overview of the support functions offered by Barwell, for example, care options for service and maintenance, user training and technical advice.

The new brochure is available to download here or a hard copy can be requested by writing to Barwell at