For the first time ever, we will be showing a Barwell Gear Pump preformer at an exhibition. Please take the opportunity to see one in action at this year’s ACS International Rubber Expo (October 13-15th, 2015, Cleveland Convention Center, Cleveland, Ohio) on stand # 838

Buy the display Gear Pump at a special show price

The Gear Pump on display (BPP70 model) will be available for sale at a special price after the show, on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested in a quotation, please contact us here.

This model is ideal for processors with very long and continuous production requirements of one product, and those using expensive compounds. It can operate 24 hours a day and is not batch feed, like the ECO range of ram preformers for smaller production runs or multiple die changes.

The BPP70 model is suitable for 'O' rings up to 64mm dia. or solids with up to 20mm dia. It can also be used for cord production. There are three other models in the range, with the largest capable of producing 'O' rings of 190mm, and solids of up to 100mm dia.