Barwell Global Limited, worldwide specialist manufacturers of processing machinery for the rubber industry has launched a new user-friendly selection guide for their range of space-saving rubber cooling conveyors, Vibracool.

The Barwell VibraCool has been specifically developed to address the need for the effective cooling, separation and drying of hot rubber parts produced on a ram extruder or preformer when factory space is limited, and to form an integral part of the production line, allowing processors to maximise their operation.

The VibraCool uses a technologically advanced perpetual vibratory motion technique which transports the cooling rubber parts over a distance of 40m in an upwards direction (rather than in a straight line) within a spiral elevator. This results in the VibraCool only occupying approximately a 1m sq. footprint. This unique system coupled with the targeted spraying of water improves product quality and saves money by reducing rejects and by making valuable factory space available.

The new guide allows rubber processors to make an informed decision on their preferred method of cooling system by explaining in detail how the VibraCool can enhance their operation. This is shown by detailing how the VibraCool works and the flexibility it can give over traditional conveyor methods to ensure that it meets many different production requirements.

All key technical and dimensional data is included so that the accurate specification of a rubber cooling conveyor system can be made. The new guide is further enhanced photographically and with detailed machine application information for each of the three different types of VibraCool available.

Barwell has a highly experienced team of experts to progress the exact requirements of the potential purchase ensuring that an appropriate solution is always specified correctly for the particular requirements of the customer.

Also detailed in the brochure is an overview of the lifetime support functions offered by Barwell including: care options for service and maintenance, user training and technical advice.

The new brochure is available to download here