• Freeze Trim

    Deflash rubber and metal parts quickly by cryogenic freezing to provide a pristine finish. 

  • Spin Trim

    Reduce operational costs by deflashing small rubber products quickly, effectively and safely. 

  • Rebuilds UK

    Remove the risk associated with buying a second-hand preformer by bringing an old one back to life. 

  • Gear Pump

    Think about tomorrow and grow as a business with a preformer that doesn’t need to stop! 

  • Compression Presses UK

    A high performance, low investment, accurate and reliable method of compression moulding. 

  • Spares and Service

    Be supported with preventative and emergency maintenance, technical advice and genuine spare parts. 

  • Upgrades UK

    On-site upgrades increase efficiency and ensures future component supply and compliance with the latest safety standards. 

  • VibraCool

    Save space, time and rejects cooling rubber parts using vibrational motion.

  • Holiday