You can see our new and enhanced Spin Trim rubber deflashing processing system in action at this year’s ACS International Rubber Expo (October 13-15th, 2015, Cleveland Convention Center, Cleveland, Ohio) on stand # 838. 

There will be the opportunity for you to see your own products being tested on the machine. All machines will be available for sale at a special price after the show, on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested in a quotation, please contact us here.

The Spin Trim provides a quick and cost-effective method of deflashing small to medium size rubber parts, especially those with tear trim.  It can also be used as acost-reducing first stage, before cryogenic deflashing, for items with excessive flash. Find out more on the Spin Trim here.

Enhanced processing capability
The Spin Trim is now available with an optional Take-off Waste Separator, designed to make the Spin Trim even more efficient, by saving labor time and cost through the automatic sorting of the deflashed parts from the waste material. To save more time, for those with long processing requirements, an automatic feeder unit has also been developed and will be on display at the exhibition.

See your own samples trialled on the stand as you watch...

If you want to find out if the Spin Trim will reduce your costs and also provide improved product finish quality, we are offering free trials on our stand for those who bring product samples with them to the show (or send to us in advance).

We’d recommend you should bring a minimum of 2Lbs (1Kg) of product to testing and the maximum diameter should not exceed 75mm. It is recommended that you contact Bob Gomola at Barwell at 330-225-9500 in advance to discuss and book your appointment.