Improve your machine by adding a 500 item product set-up database system.

If you have one of the following BarwellPreformers - supplied before August 2016 – we can now update your machine so that you will be able to save product set-ups, all via your touch screen user-interface

  • Any upgraded ECO, C2, C3, MR400 or MIDI
  • Any C3 or MIDI rebuild with 5" touch screen user-interface
  • Any standard ECO machine with a 5” touch screen user-interface
This valuable enhancement can be provided ‘free of charge’ when combined with a preventative maintenance visit by a Barwell engineer. 

Previously the ability to save set-ups was only available on the ECO Plus range of preformers, but we have now developed a facility for standard machines to include a basic product database system, simplifying processing, and machine set-up.

The update means the operator will no longer have to manually enter the blank weight, cutter speed, and valve settings* each time a new batch is run. The appropriate products are simply selected from a pre-stored list.

This new feature eradicates operator input errors and means there is no need to locate the required settings from either a production manual or a works order sheet.

Operators will have the ability to easily find a set-up and can also modify it. In addition, the update to the software will add a production hour clock counter, and also a simple message banner, advising operators of common issues, which could be preventing the machine from functioning.

This latest Barwell product enhancement not only makes operation simpler and quicker but also helps to prevent unnecessary production delays.


See for yourself by watching the video>>

Contact us to arrange your upgrade with a service visit at or by phone on +1 330 225 9557

Note: this feature is now standard on all full Barwell rebuilds, upgrades, and standard ECO machines.

*valve setting only automatic on ECO machines