ECO Preformer Upgrade 

A simple way to improve the quality of your production, save you time and reduce wastage and costs

If you own a Barwell ECO Preformer and it was purchased before 2010, we have a simple and low investment solution to upgrade your machine. You will benefit from an instant improvement in your production efficiency and machine usability. Your investment will be recouped in a matter of months and your updated ECO Preformer will incorporate the latest technology.

How can we achieve this?

We will adapt your ECO machine to include the Barwell scales feedback system by installing an Omron touch-screen, PLC, control interface and our highly accurate digital weigh scales. 

Main Benefits

  • Allows you to become less reliant on operators' skills and experience to achieve target blank weight
  • Speeds up the time taken to find the correct machine settings through the automated weight adjustment 
  • Ensures that consistent blank weight is maintained
  • Improves product quality and accuracy
  • Saves cost by significantly reducing rejects (of blanks which do not meet required weight)
  • Ensures that flashing and material wastage during the molding process is minimal
  • A simple and easy to use system

Click here to see the scales loop back system in operation.

How much will the upgrade cost?
For customers in the USA, all this can be achieved for a fantastic price. This includes:
  • All products and components
  • All installation and user training
  • All engineer costs
  • All delivery costs including any taxes and duties (sea freight from UK) to your factory

If you are interested, please contact us on +330 225 9557 or email for a formal offer.


Q: How will I benefit from an ECO upgrade?

A: For a fraction of the investment of a new machine, we can transform your machine to:

  • Allow you to be less reliant on operator skill and experience to achieve target blank weight. This is due to instant automatic weight adjustment which saves valuable production time
  • Reduce the impact of losing a key machine operator and reduce the time taken for a new operator to become comfortable with using the machine
  • Benefit from up-to-date operator training and advice to improve your production processes and techniques
  • Reduce unnecessary costs due to reducing reject levels spent in achieving target weight
  • Ensure consistent blank weight is maintained throughout production and that adjustments are easily and quickly made
  • Improve rubber blank quality and accuracy through greater levels of production control
  • Reduce unnecessary flash during the molding process
  • Make your machine easier to operate through simple controls, more readily available replacement parts and easier replacement
  • Recoup your expenditure in a matter of months due to material, time and people savings


Q: What exactly will I get in my ECO upgrade?

A: A specialist Barwell engineer will spend time carefully updating and replacing much of your machine, including the following.

  • Incorporation of the Barwell scales feedback system through the installation of an Omron touch-screen, PLC and weigh scales. Click here to see the scales feedback system in action.
  • Replace components and wiring within the electrical panel including PLC, Inverter, Isolator, and/or some Panel wiring
  • New control interface including: Control label and HMI
  • Installation and testing
  • Full operator training
  • Production and supply of new operating instructions
  • Production and supply of a new set of electrical drawings

Q: Are all pre-2010 ECO Preformers suitable for the machine upgrade?

A: We hope that this is the case, but some machines may not be in a suitable condition to have the upgrade. We can quickly judge whether your machine is suitable from analysing some photographs of the key areas of your machine. If your machine is not suitable, we may be able to offer you a trade in for a new machine. Contact us to find out more.


Q: How long will my machine be out of action?

A: It is estimated that you should allow two days for us to convert and test your machine and provide operator training.


Q: When can the work be done?

A: We are planning a number of upgrade visits in the next three months.  We will propose some dates for your consideration. If we cannot agree a mutually agreeable date in this time frame, we would then give you first option for date selection on our next visit to your region.


Q: If I have more than one machine to upgrade can I get a better price?

A: Yes you can. If you have more than one machine, we can offer aadditional discount on any additional machines. Contact us to discuss your needs.


Q: If I combine my upgrade with preventative maintenance work can I benefit further?

A: Yes, we are also offering reduced machine preventative maintenance rates if you combine with your upgrade. This would include a hydraulic cylinder seal overhaul and replacement of consumable service parts. Contact us to find out more on how we can put a package together that meets your particular requirements.

To print full details of this upgrade, click here