VibraCool: Spiral Cooling Conveyors

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Barwell VibraCool
Barwell Curved VibraCool (ex-demo)

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Technical Data

Technical Data





1000 mm

1000 mm

1960 mm


1900 mm

870 mm

2250 mm


2580 mm

2800 mm

2930 mm

Height of Inlet

320 mm

320 mm

320 mm

Mean Distance Travel

36.6 m

41 ml

40 m

Flight Width

233 mm

205 mm

265 mm

Flight Pitch

110 mm

100 mm

120 mm

Motor Size

2 x 750 w

2 x 750 w

2 x 750 w

Vibration Speeds

30 - 50 Hz

30 - 50 Hz

30 - 50 Hz

Air Cooling Jets




Perspex Cover




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The Barwell VibraCool is a space and time-saving spiral cooling conveyor specifically developed for the effective cooling, separation and drying of hot rubber parts as they are produced on a Barwell preformer or extruder. 

  • A versatile solution that is suitable for most types of hot rubber blanks, preforms, pellets and extrusions
  • A technologically advanced and quality enhancing method of ensuring effective cooling, separation and drying of rubber products without interrupting the production line
  • An easy-to-operate system requiring minimal user training and maintenance
  • A compact and cost-cutting solution saving factory space and dramatically reduces drying and cooling time compared to other conveyor methods
  • Safe, reliable and durable - made out of stainless steel to prevent corrosion

How does it work?
Hot rubber parts feed into the VibraCool which acts as a spiral elevator and enables rubber parts to travel over 40m upwards, saving factory space, achieved though perpetual vibratory motion. The cooling process can be enhanced by the spraying of water or the blasting of air. The rubber parts exit via a top chute into storage containers or to a subsequent production process, without the risk of preforms sticking together. 

Curved VibraCool Designed for most general rubber applications

Flat Corrugated VibraCool Commonly used when only air is applied for cooling, excellent for ‘O’ ring production

Bowl VibraCool Used for large preforms or cooling of shoe sole preforms

Need further assistance?
For the full details, please download our full technical brochure on the Barwell range of VibraCool spiral cooling conveyors or for alternative cooling options take a look at the Barwell Water Conveyor. If you require further advice on solving any of your rubber processing cooling and separation processes, contact us on +44 (0) 1480 832850 or email on outlining your issues.