Barwell Support

Barwell is committed to provide a lifetime of reliability and support through superior machine quality and expert service and support.

Barwell Support starts with assisting customers to specify a machine to meet their particular requirements and includes machine commissioning and operator training.

We also provide specialised maintenance, advice and service care throughout the lifetime of a machine, including the supply of genuine Barwell spares and consumables to ensure optimum performance.

Barwell Knowledge

Barwell has been building and developing rubber processing machines for over 50 years and our knowledge, experience and resources mean we are able to expertly specify the best machine and settings for your specific processing application.

We are also able to suggest solutions and improvements specific to your process to ensure operational efficiency and improve product quality as well as reducing downtime by quickly solving any common problems that you might experience.

Our expert knowledge support services can be used by existing Barwell users and those considering purchasing a machine for the first time.

Barwell Training

On commissioning and installation high quality user training is supplied by experienced Barwell service engineers ensuring the machine set-up is correct and users are trained to operate efficiently and effectively.

We also offer on-going tailored training packages to match user’s requirements and experience or when new materials, products and processes are introduced into an organisations’ production.

Barwell Service Care

Barwell Service Care options enable Barwell machines to be effectively maintained and operated to their full potential by the people who designed and built your machine.

Regular servicing is an investment and will reduce processing time and cost, improve production quality and increase machine life. Barwell's team of experienced service engineers offer preventative maintenance plans as well as emergency call-outs and efficiency surveys.

Barwell Spares

Barwell stocks highly engineered genuine Barwell spares and consumables including those for machines that date back to the early 1970’s.

Using genuine Barwell spares can reduce the risk of machine breakdown and can increase production quality and efficiency.